Description Product code Function
Will improve extrusion of polyolefins. Prevent melt fracture, better surface appearance, increase output & reduce die pressure & reduce die build up are achieved. 100 Polymer processing aid
Used to eliminate static charges from polyolefin films & products, thus reducing the attraction of dust & other contamination to the surface. 300 Anti static
For excellent anti blocking of films on rolls & to each other. 400 Anti block
For doing whiter & brighter the plastics & fibers article. 500 Optical brightener
To improve the transparency of pp articles, films & decrease the cycle time. 600 clarifier
Will increase the COF of the plastic articles, improve stacking of bags. 700 Anti slip
Reduce COF & tendency to adhering to metal or other surface. 800 Slip
Provide efficient stabilization of polymers against degradation & oxidation during processing. 900 Anti oxidant
Protect the products against UV(light) & solar radiation. 1200 UV stabilizer
Description Product code Function
Cleaning the processing machine(extruder, injection,….). 155 Purge
To eliminate black specks & reduce waste after shut down. 200 Shut down compound
LDPE compound for producing all kind of irrigation pipe. IR Irrigation pipe
White color masterbatch with good tint, covering & dispersing. WE White color