Kavosh Polymer Alborz, pioneer in additive masterbatch industry

KPA was established in 2001 in order to enhance the quality and performance of plastic products and decrease the waste and related costs. We focused on research and development to produce and design abundant professional masterbatches and compounds with Iranian food & drug administration approval.

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Kavosh Polymer Alborz is focusing specifically on producing qualified masterbatches in the direction of enhancing performance in plastic industry.

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  • 20 years experiences
  • Over 50 types masterbatches & compounds
  • Customer happiness% 78 %78

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Kavosh Polymer Alborz was established in 1380 with the aim of improving the quality level of plastic industry products, increasing productivity, reducing waste and costs.
Our History

Kavosh Polymer Alborz was established in 2001 with the aim of enhancing the quality of products in polymer industry and reduction in wastages.

This company has produced over 40 types of masterbatches & compounds and has proved to be one of the pioneers in this industry.

Our goal was achieved by focusing on finding the best solutions and functional approaches in R&D; , production line and marketing.

Customer satisfaction statistics and their prolonged collaboration is an evidence to our claim.

Related Industries
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House holds & sportive stuffs

Various plastic households ,Suitable for injection and blow-molding


Improving the performanceReduce the fuel consumption

Building & constructions

Piping & Window profilePE sheets & Wire coating

Textile & fibers

Abundant plastic-based fiber,texturesEnhancing fiber performance in different ways


green-house filmsirrigation pipes, Geo-membranes

Film & Packaging

Food & pharmaceutical applicationsShrink films, Plastic bags, Bottles & pockets

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Further getting to know

Research & Development
Kavosh Polymer Aborz has gathered the best experts of industry and academy and has acquired modern science and up-to-dated research in order to expand the products. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities is stepping forward to innovate and enhance his own formulations.

Quality Control
Our experts in Quality Control Department is supervising the quality of products continuously, so Kavosh Polymer Alborz laboratory is equipped with modern facilities