About us

Kavosh Polymer Alborz has employed the experience and knowledge of experts to produce various types of additive masterbatches like: processing aid, Anti-bock, Slip agent , Anti-oxidant, Anti-static, brightener and purging agent.

These masterbatches are applied in fabricating abundant kinds of plastic products like: sheets, films, pipes and profiles and disposable dishes.

Using additive masterbatch will results in better functionality, enhanced quality and will resolve troubles in production line.

Furthermore, producing tailor-made masterbatches is our specific field of expertise.

Additive masterbatches are used in different industries like : Agriculture, Automobiles, Building and Constructions, Film & Packaging, Household and sportives and textile and fibers.

Our History

Kavosh Polymer Alborz was established in 2001 with the aim of enhancing the quality of products in polymer industry and reduction in wastages.

This company has produced over 40 types of masterbatches & compounds and has proved to be one of the pioneers in this industry.

Our goal was achieved by focusing on finding the best solutions and functional approaches in R&D , production line and marketing.

Customer satisfaction statistics and their prolonged collaboration is an evidence to our claim.

Advantages of Kavosh Polymer


Kavosh Polymer Alborz is focusing specifically on producing qualified masterbatches in the direction of enhancing performance in plastic industry.

Tailor-made products

Let’s make YOUR masterbatch, together! We aim to cooperate with our customers to find their ideal masterbatch according to their needs.

Technical support

Contact our experts! We are truly proud of Consulting our customers, supporting the functionality of our products and connecting you to our experts.

Quality Control

KPA Quality Control Department is supervising the quality of products day & night.


We Offer the most appropriate masterbatch in balance with Price & Quality

Continuous Services

KPA has been offering services since 2001 with an ongoing rate.

Research & Development

Kavosh Polymer Aborz has gathered the best experts of industry and academy and has acquired modern science and up-to-dated research in order to expand the products. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities is stepping forward to innovate and enhance his own formulations.

Quality Control

Our experts in Quality Control Department is supervising the quality of products continuously, so Kavosh Polymer Alborz laboratory is equipped with modern facilities


Iranian food & drug administration approved products

Participating in IranPlast international exhibition

Consulting Our Experts

Order Your Tailor-made Masterbatch & Compound

Our experts give technical support and consult about our products and downstream.

You can consult the Kavosh Polymer Alborz technical experts about your ideal masterbatch & compound.

We can make your masterbatch together

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